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Elementor Review

Elementor Review : Elementor is among the top drag-and-drop builders available there.

Beautiful interface Advanced customization options, and an easy learning curve – they’re all available with the free and paid versions.

It is true that Elementor could not prove to be the best option for everyone, so check out our review to learn the specifics.

What is elementor?

Elementor is an open-source website builder plugin for WordPress. It basically gives you the drag-and-drop experience for WordPress and makes your procedure similar to the one you can get from popular website builders like Wix and Squarespace.

You can select a pre-made template or create your own unique, feature-rich website using elements that you can add anywhere you want – no programming skills are required.

Once you’ve installed Elementor:

You can design new pages or create a new website that has any design layout, design, or function you require. There’s no limitation to the options you have in your present WordPress theme has to offer.

You are able to keep your current theme, since Elementor can be used on all WordPress themes (as as long as you’re using WordPress Version 5.0 or greater of WordPress).

You’ll have your own (and far more user-friendly) editor to use. You don’t need to utilize the editor interface built into WordPress.

Your pages or websites in the front-end this means that you will see exactly what visitors see on their screen There is no need to continuously save drafts or previews.

Features and Benefits of elementor

In the package, Elementor is equipped several useful elements (no joke intended):

There’s first the main page creation functionality. We’ll discuss this in a moment.

There are over 90 content elements or modules to pick from: images and headings, buttons, carousels counters, progress bars, counters testimonials, and many more.

The majority of things can be handled using drag-and-drop and you can select any part and transfer it to a different location simply by drag your mouse across it.

Elementor Review

“What you see is exactly what you get’meaning that the web page that you see on Elementor’s Elementor interface is exactly what your customers are likely to see (unlike using HTML and CSS using the old-fashioned method).

The pages are responsive to mobile devices and SEO-friendly.

There’s a selection of pre-designed page templates that can be imported into and altered. At the time when this article was written there were over 150 free and 300+ professional templates to choose from. In addition, you can save your personal templates.

If you’re using the Pro version of Elementor You can utilize it’s Theme Builder feature, which lets you modify the core elements of your theme like the header footer, the single post templates or even your blog’s archives.

Additionally, there’s the WooCommerce Builder plugin. It’s like Theme Builder, but this version lets you redo the entirety the existing WooCommerce pages, like the product’s single page or archive of products

Is Elementor Right For You?

Now that I’ve gone over every feature as well as functions that are available in Elementor and weighing both the advantages and disadvantages, and providing my own experience throughout Let’s discuss YOU.

Like all tools, Elementor isn’t going to be the ideal tool for everyone. I’d like to get the bottom of who this page creator is appropriate for.

Budget Bloggers

I’m just going to come straight out and tell you.

Elementor is a budget-conscious blogger’s goal. You know what, I’m serious… It’s absolutely free!

In the majority of instances, it’s about getting access to a tiny slice of pie. A slice that’s stuffed by heavy, and sometimes frustrating restrictions and/or annoying advertisements.

Elementor provides access to all the benefits of the market without removing anything substantial from the program. My opinion is that it’s totally usable even without having to upgrade.

Beginner Blogger

Is Elementor appropriate for beginners?

Despite the small learning curve that I encountered probably because I was too familiar with the way Thrive Architect works, I believe it’s an GREAT page builder that is suitable for newbies.

Elementor Review

However, in the event that previously never tried a page builder before, it may require some time to get used to however, I believe that the same could be said to any page builder having similar capabilities.

There were instances when certain things were not clear such as the global vs templates that are not global being a great illustration .

However, in the majority of cases, a quick post on the Facebook group helped clear my confusion.

If you’re just starting out and seeking a page-building tool which will offer the lowest amount of hassle with the most flexibility, Elementor is an excellent option.

High Level Marketers

I briefly touched on this in my review, but I wanted to expand on this.

Elementor isn’t specifically designed for marketing, so it’s not equipped with certain options.

Things we – as marketers – could use from a page builder.

In that regard, Elementor has come on with a rapid pace.

What You’ll Get for Free

Elementor is notable for its extensive features in its free plan. For many personal or businesses the free version will suffice. You can create custom websites and pages that have all the essential features and utilize many of the advanced design features.

Elementor Review

The version for free of Elementor includes:

  • The builder platform is fully functional, with full access to the platform with live design and mobile editing, as well as version history, etc.
  • 30+ widgets to display images and text boxes Maps, audio files, maps and many more.
  • 40+ page templates (including royalty-free stock images)
  • More than 100 Block template templates to include FAQs reviews, features, testimonials “meet the team,” and much more.

Elementor Review pros & Cons


  • The Core product is 100% free
  • Great user interface
  • Global widgets are fantastic
  • Open source
  • Active Facebook group
  • Extremely customization
  • Regular updates


  • Styles that are forced by default
  • Templates that are static and global can be complicated
  • There aren’t many marketing-related features

Elementor Review : Conclusion

It’s not a secret that Elementor is among the top, if not the greatest free page builders available.

The feature-rich WordPress plugin is also able to stand it’s ground against other top, more established web builders, and is never slowing.

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