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Rank Math Review

Rank Math Review: WordPress is an excellent CMS but it does not have SEO features. It is necessary to install a plugin in order to optimize your website for SEO. Without an SEO strategy that is properly implemented, you will not achieve traffic and visibility on your site. Fortunately, there are plugins that help with this task for everyone.

Rank Math is one of the plugins which have recently made it into the WordPress SEO market. There are numerous other SEO plugins that are already in use and being used all over the world. So , the question is: is Rank Math is a good choice and worth your time or effort and even money? We’ll take a look at the complete review and a short review of other well-known SEO plugins:

Rank Math Introduction

Rank Math is developed by the MyThemeShop development team. Since its launch it has increased in popularity. It offers a wide variety of features that allow you to improve a website’s SEO in the most effective way. The plugin is available as both a free and paid version.

Many SEO experts consider Rank Math as the best of the top SEO plugins of the best in the WordPress SEO plugin market. This is because it has a wide range of features. It doesn’t matter if the user is an SEO expert and/or not Rank Math makes it easy for everyone to improve their blog posts, website content, pages, and posts with generally accepted SEO best practices. This is the reason why a large number of users are currently switching over to Rank Math from the other SEO plugins.

Ranking Math WordPress plugin offers many of the features available for free in the version that is free. It is not like different SEO plugins. It is a standout among the other SEO plugins. Math is also prominent with entrepreneurs and small-scale business owners who are looking for budget-friendly ways to promote their websites. This is why it’s called”the “Pocket knife of WordPress SEO.” Let’s get into the amazing options Rank Math offers under the free and paid plans:

Rank Math SEO Plugin for Free Version Options

Rank Math SEO Plugin for Free Version Options

  • Meta Data: It is possible to are able to alter SEO Metadata such as descriptions and titles using templates as well as manually per page or post.
  • Social media snippets help to keep your images and content on social media platforms like Facebook and other well-known networks.
  • Keyword Focus and Analysis helps to optimize content to suit different keywords by conducting a thorough analysis of the keywords.
  • XML sitemap provides a custom XML sitemap that allows Google navigate your website effortlessly.
  • Structured data/schema helps in the establishment of a site-wide schema. You can also manage the schema data for various web pages.
  • Search console: simple to connect to Google Search console.,
  • Local SEO and Knowledge graph: could opt for regional SEO, as well as knowledge graphs to get your website more prominent in local results of searches.
  • Image SEO: Optimized Web images by incorporating keyword-friendly alts as well as title tags. Automatically.
  • External link suggestion: This feature provides interlinking suggestions when you are in editor mode. It’s an excellent feature to have.
  • Breadcrumbs: Implement breadcrumbs on the website.
  • Link counter Link counter: Shares the number of links on a page or post. as well as internal hyperlinks.
  • Redirects: To redirect and managing the 302 and 301 redirects.
  • Monitor for 404: It helps check the website for missing pages, for example the 404 error.
  • Google Analytics: The traffic can be seen on your WordPress dashboard after you have integrated GSC using an appropriate code.

Rank Math Review

Premium version options:

  • Search Engines Tracks Rankings for Keywords Present keywords’ rankings up to the end of last year. This provides a comprehensive overview for those worried.
  • Google Trends integration Optimize for multiple places via Local search engine optimization.
  • Images with watermarks for social media. Helps to watermark images used on social media.
  • Google AdSense Earnings History Information Summary of Shares of Google AdSense earnings.
  • There is also the option to turn off or enable the features you require. This is a fantastic modular system feature in Rank Math.

Rank Math SEO Premium Features

Rank Math is equipped with all the features of SEO to help you optimize your website to be indexed by search engines. It’s an all-in-one, user-friendly SEO plugin with a cost-free version.

Optimized to Speed:

Rank Math is also optimized to speed. This is why it’s an attractive choice for web administrators of all kinds.

Simple to configure:

It’s easy to set up Rank Math. Click on the General Setting tab for the most basic configurations. Enabling additional modules and features requires the setting of additional areas.

Manages Taxonomies:

It can help manage taxonomies. It is not like other plugins. It also allows you to control over the nofollow and index meta tags for taxonomies , as well as individual pages or posts.

User-Friendly Dashboard:

The dashboard is easy to use and user-friendly. It places you in control right from the beginning to direct the course you want to at a moderate cost.

You can test and optimize keyword suggestions to improve visibility, and also monitor any errors Google finds on your site and track traffic statistics right on the Dashboard.

Other options include suggestions for internal link building and 404 monitors. Other features include images SEO automation, sitemaps, schema structure and local SEO.

Easy Installation Process:

Installation doesn’t require a lot of time. It is necessary to review your site’s settings prior to the beginning to ensure that your site is running at its best performance. The wizard for installation will assist you through the various stages, such as webmaster profiles SEO for your site as well as social accounts, and other crucial settings.

One-Click Setting Migration:

It is easy to transfer settings from the plugin for Rank Math SEO settings with only a single click.

Google Webmaster Integration:

This allows web administrators to monitor their website’s statistics via the admin dashboard.

Google Trends as well as Keyword Comparison Features:

Rank Math also helps to keep track of Google Trends. It can also assist in analyzing keyword searches as well as an graph to show the comparison of keywords. Keyword suggestions can be viewed in addition.

Built-in 404 Monitor:

This allows you to examine the URLs that are 404. This feature lets you work with redirections fast.

Image SEO Optimization:

Image SEO is crucial along with optimization of content. It is important to include alt tags on every image you upload. This tool aids in the optimization of images by automatically.

XML Sitemap:

XML sitemaps are generated automatically using Rank Math. It is also possible to create Google-compliant news sitemaps and video sitemaps.

Rich Snippet Support:

Rich Snippet Support is included within the plugin.

Local SEO Optimization:

This is among of the greatest benefits in Rank Math. It assists local businesses target their specific keywords in order to stand out from the crowd.

Link Builder:

Rank Math also assists in the creation of SEO backlinks. Simply type in the keyword for which you require links for and then learn Math to create the links.

Advanced Redirection Manager:

You can create redirects quickly with this feature. It makes it easier to manage and add redirects in large quantities.

Rank Math Review


You may also incorporate breadcrumbs by using the Rank Math. It allows you to create breadcrumbs that are custom-designed.

You can easily redirect attachments to:

Use Redirect attachments to custom or parent posts using this feature. This feature is also useful for pages.

Search Engine Verification:

You can easily verify social media accounts using the WP admin.

The Bulk Description and Title Editor:

Create a description and title for the article with this feature. It is helpful to edit title of the article in bulk, without having to read each article one at a time.

Third-Party Plugins Support:

It helps you integrate third-party plugins with ease. It is easy to switch between different SEO extensions and switch to Rank Math with a click.

Focus Keywords:

Focus fit keywords are available in the tree version as well as unlimited in the unlimited version.

LSI Keyword Suggestions

The plugin can be used to add LSI keywords that are based on specific keywords. This can further aid in SEO.

Website SEO Analysis

It gives you SEO report on your webpages. Which ones require enhancement and which ones aren’t. This allows you to determine SEO issues swiftly.

Social Media Integration

It assists in adding Social Media metadata such as open graph functions that include descriptions, images, as well as titles.

Rank Math Pros & Cons

Rank Math is a great alternative for SEO plugins. But, just like other plugins as well, it also has its flaws. Below are Rank Math pros and cons:


  • Easy to use.
  • Simple user interface that allows you to turn off or on the various features
  • It is simple to import data from other plugins.
  • Free version available for multiple features.
  • Connection to Search Console.
  • Lightweight
  • Rich Snippet Support.
  • Automatic Alt tags


  • A little overwhelming for newcomers due to the advanced features.
  • If you are looking to switch to another SEO plugins that are not from Rank Math, that conversion is impossible.

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