Ahrefs review 2022 : Features with pros and cons

Ahrefs review 2022: Ahrefs was essentially an application for building links… but that’s all it was. Since then, Ahrefs has added a variety of features. A lot of them I’ll discuss during this article.

I’m writing this to remind you that I did not sign for Ahrefs this week. I’ve used the tool nearly every day for 8+ years.

What is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is software firm that creates online SEO tools as well as free training materials for marketers.

Ahrefs’ all-in-one SEO toolset could assist you in:

Research your competitors: discover your competition’s organic keywords as well as backlink strategies. PPC keywords

Link Building: Locate the best backlink opportunities in your field

Keyword Research: Get the best keywords that are relevant and consider how difficult it is to get them to rank

Website Audit: Find out the SEO problems your website is facing and find out how to solve them.

Content Research: Discover the most well-known content in any area and get the most effective concepts for creating your own

Rank Tracking: monitor your rankings in search results, as well as your competitors’

Mentions Monitoring: receive emails every time your company or you are mentions online.

Ahrefs database contains more than 11 billion keywords, and greater than 400 billion index pages. This is the reason Ahrefs can offer the most accurate data to its users.

Ahrefs review

Ahrefs: Things That I Like

Excellent UI and UX As with any tool, it takes time to get grasp of Ahrefs. Once you’re accustomed to Ahrefs and their features, it’s SUPER easy to locate what you’re looking for. It usually takes a few clicks to reach it. For instance, let’s say I’d like to look at the breakdown of anchor text on a website. I can directly access the report using the sidebar

And it’s the same for the top pages, domains that refer to them broken links, broken links and much more.

Solid Data: Any tool such as Ahrefs will only prove as useful as the data it contains. It doesn’t matter if it’s volume of searches, ranking, backlinks, and social shares information that is in Ahrefs is incredibly great.

A great Site Audit feature The Ahrefs website auditing tool among the most effective tools available. Even on par with tools specifically designed for audits of websites.

Keyword Deep Dives If you’re looking for to take a DEEP dive into a particular term, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer is the perfect tool for you. In a single webpage, you can find everything you require to decide on the specific keyword.

Awesome “Little Features”: Ahrefs offers a wealth of useful small features that I did not find time to go over here.

It’s the same for the top pages, domains that refer to them broken links, top pages and many more.

Ahrefs review

Ahrefs: Things I Didn’t Like

Poor Rank Tracking Ahrefs only update the rank tracker reports every 7 days with their basic plan. They also update it once every 5 days with their regular plan. I believe that the rank tracker must be updated each day. Period.

Limited PPC Features: Ahrefs does have a PPC tool set.

I think it’s quite excellent. If you’re running Google Ads for your site as well as a handful of customers could be sufficient for you. However, when it comes to PPC features, Ahrefs isn’t in the same league as SEMrush.

It’s irrelevant Keyword Tips I have a love/hate relation to Keyword Explorer. I am awed by the amount of information you can get about the keyword. However, I am disappointed that I’m not able to utilize it to discover new keywords because the internet is full of ideas that aren’t logical.

Ahrefs Review: The Bottom Line

Ahrefs is a renowned SEO software suite, with numerous options, such as backlink analysis Keyword research, as well as the ability to conduct SEO audits. Couple that with high-quality data and a stunning user interface and it’s no wonder that Ahrefs has become as a top contender on the SEO software market.

Personally I make use of Ahrefs frequently. Most of the time, I use it several times per day. It’s become a part of my routine. Every time I want to examine the backlinks of a website, discover an interesting keyword or keep track of my performance, I go to Ahrefs to find the data I require.

Overall I would highly recommend Ahrefs. According to me, it’s the most effective SEO tool available at the moment.

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