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CRED App Review

CRED App Review : Who doesn’t like rewards or rewards? Particularly when you can earn benefits just by paying off all of your Credit Card bills! !

It may sound too amazing to be real The CRED App allows you earning reward point each when that you settle your Credit Card bills.

Wait… Do do you believe in this application in the storage of your credit card details and payment method information?

In this blog we’ll provide you with a thorough and in-depth analysis of this app which will assist you in deciding if you need to make payments on all of your Credit Card bills using this application or not! !

What do you mean by CRED app?

CRED is an application where you only need to perform one time registration. It will save your credit card information every time you use the application. If you’d like to erase the Credit Card details anytime from the application. You can pay for your credit card bills through net banking, UPI and as well as the auto-pay feature in the application.

If your credit rating is of more than 750, you may be a part of CRED. CRED community and pay. If you don’t meet the required credit score, you’ll be placed on the waitlist , and will receive tips on how to increase the credit rating of your.

CRED App: Installation Process


           Get the CRED App via Google Play or App Store.

           Click here to download the CRED App.


            Enter your mobile number, which is associated on credit Cards.


            You can be cleared only if you’ve got an CIBIL Score that is higher than 750.

If you’re not approved due to an unsatisfactory CIBIL Rating, you are able to be patient and apply again after some months. Additionally, you can reach their customer service team to inquire about the procedure of approval.

Cred app makes use of this restriction to offer an exclusive discount for premium brands that are exclusive for its customers.

CRED App: Major Benefits

A. Cred Coins

Each when that you make a payment on the Credit Card bill, you will be awarded with CRED equivalent coins. For instance when you pay the Credit Card bill of Rs.50,000 You will receive 50 cred coins.

exclusive rewards for paying your bills

You can now redeem these coins CRED in two ways:

First way : Visit this section of the rewards catalog which will be updated with new rewards each month. Just tap the ‘lifestyle option within the App and you’ll be presented with the choice of choosing the best deals for you.

There are many promotions and benefits that need a lot of CRED coins therefore it is advantageous to keep a large collection of coins.

You can choose rewards from companies such as BookMyShow, Big Basket, Ixigo and many more. The list is growing each month

Here’s a list of some companies that offer CRED Coin offers through the CRED:

  • Big basket
  • Wrogn merchandise
  • Zoomcar zap subscription
  • Diesel denim
  • The Life of Labels
  • Bookmyshow
  • Andamen
  • Dineout Gourmet Passport
  • Ixigo
  • Levi’s Voucher
  • Gap
  • The Moja Club
  • The Man Company
  • Membership
  • Mom’s Co. Mom’s Co.
  • Geomechanics
  • Raymond

second way : In the second , you can exchange CRED coins using the “Kill the Bill feature. Here you can get cashback amount of Rs.1 lakh. The amount will be according to the amount of your payment.

If you aren’t planning to take advantage of services offered by any Company You can utilize the Kill the Bill feature of the app. If you do, it’s best to utilize CRED Coins to avail services offered by various businesses. You will get advantages over cashback redemption through the Kill the Bill feature.

CRED App Review

B. Cred Gems

Cred Gems can be earned through the act of referring CRED to someone. Each referral can allow CRED Gems to be earned Rs.150 for CRED Gems.

You can exchange CRED gems in exchange for

  • You can earn Cashback as high as Rs. 1,000/- when you earn 30 Gems.
  • In Flipkart You can avail the Gift Card for up to Rs. 500or 20 Gems.
  • 30 gems are redeemable to purchase the amount of Rs. 750 Amazon voucher.

CRED App keeps updating the available and new offers on a regular basis.

CRED Gem Rewards Offers Currently available:

Starbucks Giftcard worth Rs.200/-; Flipkart worth Rs. 500; Crossword Bookstores gift card worth Rs.200 Allen Solly gift card worth Rs.500/–; Keihl’s gift card valued at Rs.500/- and requirements of 30-50 CRED Gems.

Make sure to check this feature regularly by pressing the Lifestyle option within the CRED App dashboard.


CRED App indeed gives a number of benefits through the payment of all of your Credit Card bills. There is the option to cash in your earned credits to take advantage of the KillTheBill offer or for discounted prices on purchases or in movies.

If you’re still anxious about failed payments, you should consider making a small payment and determine how long it take you in your situation!

In light of the important improvements made by the CRED App authorities and my personal personally-experience with the App I’d recommend that you download this CRED App.

If you’d like to share your experiences, questions or feedback about the CRED App you can write your thoughts in the box below.

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