DigitalOcean Review 2022 | Have You Use This Cloud Hosting?

DigitalOcean Review : In the case of cloud hosting, you’ll discover a wide range of options to choose from. However, there’s a hosting provider that provides excellent services and features to developers looking for a host to their next major service website, app, or app.

What exactly is DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean provides cloud computing solutions to aid startups, developers, as well as small and medium-sized companies (SMBs) create applications, deploy and scale to boost innovation and improve productivity and flexibility. There is an array of IaaS fully managed PaaS and Managed Databases and container-based Kubernetes solutions to satisfy your requirements as you expand. DigitalOcean brings together the power of community, ease of use open source, customer service so that customers manage their IT infrastructure less, and more time developing innovative applications that help businesses grow.

DigitalOcean for Developers

To simplify things, DigitalOcean offers a wide variety of plans. The plans define the fundamental sources you’ll receive. They comprise CPUs, RAM Disk space, Bandwidth.

After you’ve started your server, you’re free to add additional resources to your account as per your requirements. The model they use for payment is pay-as you-use and you only pay for your usage.

In addition you also get root access for all plans. For developers this feature is crucial. It allows you to tweak your project as well as the server where it’s hosting it.

To give you a better idea Let’s look at what you will receive when you purchase one of their plans.

  • Access to the root
  • Several Linux distributions
  • DNS management
  • Solid-state drives(SSD)
  • A proper control panel
  • Pre-built app images
  • Automated backups
  • Global image transfer
  • Cloud Firewalls

Dedicated vs. Shared CPU

The primary distinction between shared CPUs or dedicated ones is dedicated CPUs have full hyper threads when you make use dedicated CPUs, while shared CPUs utilize hyper threads from CPUs shared between many users. This could affect performance if there’s the need for additional resources to the droplet of shared CPU.

DigitalOcean hypervisor DigitalOcean hypervisor is intelligent enough to manage resources however, it can also add additional overhead and slow performance.

DigitalOcean Review

For high-performance applications, it’s best to choose dedicated CPUs. If you make an exclusive CPU droplet you’ll be presented with three choices:

General Use: The general-purpose droplets provide a balanced solution with respect to dedicated Hyper Threads, memory and dedicated memory. Droplets can be used to host projects with general purpose like eCommerce websites web applications, production workloads and even enterprise-level applications.

CPU-Optimized: These compute-optimized virtual machines are great for projects that have the need for high computing power. These can be projects that involve machine learning and batch processing as well as video transcoding and encryption, and so on!

Memory-Optimized: Recently they have added a memory-optimized CPU that is customized to offer 8GB of high-volume RAM. This CPU droplet is great for projects that require real-time large processing of data, high-performance databases as well as other applications!

DigitalOcean Review :  Plans

In terms of plans, you have the option of choosing between dedicated and shared CPUs.

Shared CPU: Shared CPUs are ideal for small websites or apps. With shared CPUs, you have access to a variety of memory and compute resources.

A dedicated CPU The dedicated CPU provides access to dedicated resources . It is further subdivided into three categories:

  • General Purpose: Provides well-balanced mix of hyperthreads and memory
  • CPU-Optimized: Compute optimized virtual machines
  • Memory-Optimized: Memory-rich virtual machines.

You can choose any plan you want for your project. We will go over details about each plan’s pricing under the Pricing section.

DigitalOcean Review

By default, you will have access to a single disk size. It is possible to change it to 3x or 6x in the creation of the droplet.

DigitalOcean Review: Pros as well as Cons

In this article we’ll examine DigitalOcean’s DigitalOcean Pros and Cons.


DigitalOcean gives 99.99 percent uptime. This is a great benefit for every company!

The infrastructure is top of the line and this results in lightning-fast loading times. They use powerful SSDs to ensure speedy loading times.

The ecosystem is friendly to developers and gives you access to spaces, droplets Kubernetes, space!

It is a pay-as-you-use modelthat is perfect for businesses that are just starting out. The pricing can also be customized according to your requirements.


DigitalOcean is not a good choice for those who are new to the technology.

There aren’t any features that a similar cloud hosting offers. For instance, you won’t not receive a top CDN, SSL certificate, domain registration, and more!

Support for customers is not as good. They provide support to customers through a ticketing system which can take a while to find a solution. As a contrast other hosting companies offer 24/7 support for customers via at least one of their communication channels.

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