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Face magic App

Face magic App Introduction

Are you tired by clicking on and sharing similar old photos on Instagram? Are you tired of the classic pout and looking for something that will change the way you post photos? FaceMagic is ready to surprise you. FaceMagic is an AI-powered face swapping application made possible with deep-fake technology which allows you to swap your face onto videos, images, gifs and other things.

The rapid development in AI has led to advancements in games such as video games, movies and travel, among others. This app is a different variation on photos and selfies because it allows you to move forward and be creative with your clicks. Make a meme, let your acquaintances dance, or even replace yourself in famous television shows and films.

Explore all you’d like using this technology with the click of a few buttons. relax at home and enjoy amusement with your friends by sharing your works via social media. Share content that is different from the usual images that you will have fun turning old photos into memes , and having fun with every thing. If you believed that face changing and morphing was only something only for professionals, FaceMagic is here to alter your perception.

With an extremely user-friendly interface, FaceMagic will amaze you by transforming your face into someone else in famous TV shows and movies you love. With their face editor as well as face changing technology, you can be a celebrity lookalike swapping your face, or even replacing you face in memes.

What Is FaceMagic App?

Face magic App

FaceMagic by DeepArt Limited is a face swapping app that makes use of AI for scanning your facial features and then transfer it into a video or photo of someone who’s likely to be more famous and we’ll admit it, more interesting than you.

There are other well-known face swapping apps available that are available for Android or iOS devices that allow users to accomplish the same thing like Reface that currently has 1.5 million reviews in the Google Play Store and the 750 reviews in the Apple App Store.

With just 20,000 reviews in the Google Play Store FaceMagic is not nearly as popular in Android like Reface. However, the situation is different on iOS and iOS, where FaceMagic has a rating of around 2,000 almost all of which rate the app five stars.

What should users be aware of about the FaceMagic application?

Face swapping is just one element of FaceMagics’s groundbreaking advanced technology for deep-fake. Your photo is swapped with another person in an incredible lifelike way that has real emotions and movements that are exactly like you because of FaceMagic’s facial swap.

To experience the effects of having your face in top-quality parts, famous videos, and much more utilize our face swapper. When you want to switch faces the AI facial animator does its magic in only a couple of minutes.

Today, social media is now one of the most important things in our lives. It’s much more than connecting; nowadays we utilize it to share our thoughts and learn ways to make an impression on this virtual public. Aren’t there always a desire to spice up your content? When it comes down to creating appealing social media posts People want creativity and diversification. With FaceMagic you can switch your faces, swap faces, and reveal faces using only one photo.

Face magic App

How Face magic App work?

FaceMagic is indeed a hassle-free user experience. All you have be able to follow are these basic steps to begin:

  1. Install FaceMagic through the Apple or Google Play Store and then launch the app to learn further.
  2. Then, you launch the application and then click “Get Started” to finish the registration process.

A pop-up appears to inform you about the PRO membership that you can sign up for the service for just Rs80 per month or for Rs 3450 per year. As a PRO member includes access to Unlimited swaps as well as the entire collection of content and the ability to prioritize processing as well as unlimited uploads of photos as well as video/GIF uploads that have no ads or watermarks. You can cancel this membership by clicking an icon in the upper right-hand corner.

  • You can pick your favorite option from the numerous possibilities available to make your own Face swap.
  • After you’ve chosen an animated then click it for a face to be added and begin swapping faces.
  • You can choose an old photo using your phone or select one on the spot , then click “Confirm.”
  • After you’ve selected your choices then all you have to do is choose “Create,” and you’ll be able to view your final creation.
  • From here, you are able to save and post your Face swap in gif or video format and then share it to your social media accounts.

Pricing : Face magic App

FaceMagic is a no-cost app with an in-app purchase feature to purchase a PRO membership. You can join for just Rs80 per month or pay Rs3450 for a full year. If you sign up for their premium membership, you have the ability to access Unlimited swaps as well as the complete content library as well as priority processing, unlimited uploads of photos and uploads of video/GIF files with no watermarks and advertising.

Face magic App : Features

  1. The main reason people should download FaceMagic is the Face Swap feature, so it is logical to begin with it. The technology is powered with AI deep faux technology that lets you swap your face with another face in order to create funny pictures and videos.
  2. FaceMagic allows you to upload a photo of you or your loved one’s face, or create a brand new image directly using the application. The app will then instruct the application to incorporate the image in one of the video clips featured that are easily sorted into different categories. Or, it is possible to upload content you have created on FaceMagic. There is one caveat: the latter option is accessible for PRO members only.
  3. Alongside swapping faces one at one time, you can make use of Multi Face Swap to exchange faces a whole bunch of friends in one session, turning you and your pals into a superhero team or even enthralling your spouse by showing your face as Jack or Rose in the famous “I’m going to fly” scene in Titanic.
  4. It is possible to share your creations by simply tapping social media, or save the videos to your device. This free version FaceMagic creates videos that include watermarks, which could be removed by upgrading the Pro version.


In the field of face swap applications, FaceMagic stands out with its sleek user interface, vast collection of content, as well as the capability to swap several faces simultaneously. Its free edition is certainly worth trying before you determine if you think it enjoyable enough to pay for the PRO subscription.

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