Krisp reviews : noise cancellation app,price and features | 2022

Krisp reviews : Krisp has been developed using AI to provide, noise-cancelling desktop application that works on Mac as well as Windows devices that eliminates background noise from calls in real-time. It’s designed to muffle the sound bi-directionally – from the microphone as well as the speaker, allowing users to listen and speak with no interruptions.

Krisp can be used with over 800 streaming, conferencing, communications and recording software, both for Mac as well as Windows. It works with any wireless or wired microphone, speaker, as and headphones that you like. With world-class, innovative sound cancellation technologies, Krisp helps people have professional and efficient conference calls at any time and from any location in the world.

Krisp noise cancelling application is utilized by more than one million professionals from many high-performance firms. In the present, Krisp has cleaned noise from more than a billion hours of calls across the globe.

Krisp has the following features:

  • Multi-Channel Communication
  • Machine Learning
  • Multi-device Support for Multi-device
  • It’s an AI-based noise cancellation app.
  • You can remove all unwanted sound from both the inbound and outgoing calls of conference calls
  • It comes with HD Voice Quality for the highest quality voice
  • You can also eliminate room and Acoustic Echo
  • It is a floating widget. By using it, you are able to quickly access essential functions
  • You can pick different kinds of virtual Backgrounds

Krisp reviews

How do I install Krisp?

Krisp offers its users with desktop-based applications that run on Windows as well as Mac. Additionally, they have an IOS application that allows customers to utilize Krisp’s noise cancellation and reduction technology while making calls using your iPhone.

Krisp isn’t offering an Android application as of yet, however they’re currently developing the app. In the near future, they’ll be releasing an app. In the future, we will see Krisp Android app.

In the end, there’s an Google Chrome Extension for Google Chrome Browser My opinion , this is the best and most efficient option for you to use.

How do I Make use of Krisp?

Krip is a straightforward single-button application. It’s really simple to use and you can turn toggle it on or off. If you switch Krisp on, it automatically connect to any call apps and start making sure that the sound is filtered.

If you’re working at the comfort of your home or from a remote firm, the company may have their preferred application for Conference calls. If you’re going to interviews, then the interviewer will give you their preferred app to you for the Interview.

In these situations, the most effective method to use the KrispNoice Cancelling App is to filter the audio coming from your personal microphone. If, however, you’re using a desktop computer like windows or Macbook and you’ve got an Windows or Mac app installed. You can utilize it to block the audio that is received by the receiver should they be in a noisy location.

Krisp reviews

Krisp Pricing Details:

Starting Price: $5 per month

Krisp includes both freemium as well as paid plans. Krisp Freemium comes with noise cancellation for both speaker and microphone for 120 minutes per week.

Krisp Pro includes UNLIMITED noise removal for both Krisp speaker and microphone with an annual fee of $5 monthly payments ($60 annually) or an annual subscription of $10/month.

Krisp reviews

Krisp reviews : pros & cons


  • It’s very simple to switch on and off by pressing a single button.
  • Krisp Free plan includes the Free usage of 120 minutes each week.
  • It is available for download on a variety of operating systems such as iOS, Mac, Windows and Chrome Browser.
  • Krisp’s Noice cancellation App works with all types of video conferencing applications.
  • It’s completely private. The audio processing happens entirely on your devices . No audio never gets sent into any servers.


  • Krisp’s voice filter can create like a robotic sound if you’re block out enough ambient noise at the same time.
  • At the moment, the Current Chrome Extension does not work with the Zoom Chrome App.
  • The current Chrome Extension doesn’t allow users to filter the audio of your Receiver.
  • In some cases, apps can experience an excessive amount of CPU usage due to the audio processing that happens in background.
  • There may be a degradation in the quality of your voice if you use the voice cancellation feature of krisp.

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