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Moz Pro Review  : The SEO industry has plenty to be grateful Moz for. The company was launched as SEOMoz in 2004 the company has brought SEO into the mainstream of marketing by providing educational content. It also has developed standard metrics that are still in use in boardrooms to this day.

The marketing technology market increased in size, Moz developed a number of SEO tools that could aid marketers in attracting more visitors. The market then moved to the end-to-end SEO software that can handle anything from crawling technical to managing content which left Moz with a shaky image.

What exactly is Moz Pro?

moz pro review

An Moz Pro subscription includes: access to tracking your site with Campaigns, which lets you find out how your website’s health, link-building, and your keyword performance affect the success of your SEO; Research Tools that analyze the efforts of your competitors and aid in your keyword research, and provide you new possibilities for link building outreach. It also comes with numerous sources to learn about how to optimize your SEO, and also inbound marketing.

Moz Pro starts at $99/month with the option of a 30 day trial for free.

MozPro which is owned by Moz located in Seattle, Washington, is an SEO platform that tracks the effectiveness of all marketing initiatives inbound thoroughly. It shows the way content is shared via social media and the way it drives traffic to a website. It also comes with an extensive set of tools for search engine optimization, including ranking tracking, linking opportunities and site audits through Moz Analytics, prospective keyword analysis and content grade, and crawl tests to identify poor or broken site elements.

Moz offers SEO tools for free to begin, following which, the Standard package costs $99 and comes with five Moz Analytics campaigns, 300 keywords, 250,000 pages that have been crawled and 15 social profiles. The following higher priced packages of $149, $249 and $599 (Medium Large, Large and Premium) allow white label reporting, as well as greater activities and keywords coverage for organizations with increasing size.

Moz Pro Review

The Benefits of Moz Pro

Moz Pro is simple to use even for beginners and has a number of useful tools, including some for no cost on a limited basis. Its Keyword Explorer and Link Explorer are excellent, and constantly evolving. Moz Pro’s content for education is comprehensive and is still a leader in on the market. The MozBar Chrome extension works awe-inspiring.

Product Details

  • Tools for Backlinks
  • On-page analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Site audits
  • SERP rank monitoring
  • Competitive analysis
  • Domain analytics
  • Prices start at $99/mo.

Moz Pro’s features

Moz Pro is packed with a variety of features. Here, we will review some of the Moz tools that make a difference from the rest.

Keyword Explorer

Moz Pro excels at taking the complex SEO landscape and presenting it in a digestible way to reach a large population.

Its Moz Keyword Explorer does this very well in the often confusing search engine research. It utilizes a vast amount of SEO data and computes parameters that have significance for marketers. It can be used to determine how popular a query is and how difficult it is going to become to get ranked for that search query, as well as other related queries to be considered.

Additionally, there is an Priority score for each keyword you type. This will help determine the significance of the keyword to your company. A score that is of 100 or more would indicate that the keyword is highly searched for, has a high volume, a high CTR (click-through rates) and has low competition.

You can alter this by adding additional information about your company, in what Moz refers to as My Score. The score determines if the keywords are related to your services and products.

It’s a complex undertaking, and no objective measure can determine what a person’s preferences are. down, but it illustrates the dedication of Moz Pro to knowing what customers need from the form of an SEO tool.

Its Keyword Suggestions feature is fantastic and also. It can take the keyword from your source and suggest new subjects to focus on and later add to the keywords list and monitor the time. Following their acquisition in 2018 of STAT Search Analytics, this tool has been upgraded to run on an even more extensive data set.

Link Explorer

The Moz Link Explorer contains an index of more than 40 trillion links So you’ll get an extensive analysis of your website’s backlink profile.

This feature is fantastic to track new links and brand mentions that will allow you to understand the ranking performance of your site. These insights can also feed directly into the planning of content and link prospecting. In contrast to SEMrush or SpyFu, Moz Pro does not have its own tools to manage link outreach.

Moz Pro Review

Its Moz linking suites are simple to use, but it comes with an arduous learning curve for newbies over Keyword Explorer. Moz has come up with a range of metrics that are proprietary, including Domain Authority and Page Authority which might be unfamiliar to novice users.

Site Crawl

The technical SEO is the basis of any SEO-based marketing plan. If Google isn’t able to search and crawl your website’s content and provide your website’s pages as a response to queries from users.

Moz Pro offers its own site crawler that is useful for spot checks and routine crawls. It doesn’t provide the same forensic information you get from specialist SEO tools for technical issues but that’s not the primary goal.

Moz Pro Site Crawl will identify a wide array of technical problems that can be serious which include response code issues as well as title tags that aren’t properly formatted and incorrect redirects. Correcting these issues can result in significant improvement in SEO performance and this tool can be beneficial to Moz Pro customers.

The user-friendliness of Moz Pro

The primary Moz Pro interface is clean and easy to navigate. It is possible to disassemble it elsewhere using tools such as Open Site Explorer offering a different experience for users despite being part of Moz Pro. Moz Pro suite.

The fantastic MozBar Chrome extension lets you integrate Moz Pro’s tools to the browser and overlays information on Google search results as you surf. It is the Moz SEO toolbar is a normal download for anyone who is looking to user who is just beginning to explore the world of organic search.

In the end, Moz Pro is one of the easiest tools available for beginners who want to get an overview of the most important SEO metrics. If you look deeper it appears that Moz Pro is less cohesive than other tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush.

Moz Pro’s pricing

Moz Pro offers four core pricing options, as well as the option of negotiating the price of an Enterprise subscription.

Standard plan : The most affordable option is called the Standard plan, which costs $99 per month per user. This allows you to browse 100000 pages per day for an SEO technical review, which is enough for small-sized companies. The Standard plan comes with further restrictions in terms of keyword research and competitor analysis. The plan allows only 300 keyword rankings , and keywords limit to just 150 keywords per month.

The Medium plan : which costs $149 per month for one user raises the limit on keywords and lists. You can keep track of 5,000 keywords per month under this plan, as opposed to only 150 keywords for Standard. Standard level.

Moz Pro Review

It’s as if that the Standard plan is designed to push slightly larger businesses towards to the Medium subscription. The cost of $99 per month is in direct contrast to comparable options that are available from SEMrush and Ahrefs However, the limitations of this Moz Pro entry-level package make it unsuitable for many firms.

The Large subscription costs $249 per month and gives access to up to three users. It is possible to add an additional user to any level of subscription at a cost of $49 per month We should mention. The Large plan boosts the number of keywords lists to 60 from 30 at the medium level, and includes the possibility of 750 keywords in each list. This is a great option for companies that have multiple products, particularly in international markets.

The Premium plan : starts at a price of $599 per month for five users, and provides access to data that is comparable to the cost. Limits on data usage are increased substantially for keywords, crawling, as well as backlinks, and this plan also gives access to a more efficient technological SEO crawler.

All plans include an initial 30-minute free onboarding session. It’s an excellent addition. The majority of subscriptions with lower costs do not offer this feature.

The support offered by MozPro

The Moz SEO guide is a ritual for those who are new into organic searches. It’s a thorough and complete guide with a warm style, encouraging marketers to get involved in the SEO business. The Moz blog is still one of the most reliable sources of up-to-date information on marketing as well as the Moz Academy is now offering SEO certification.

Moz Pro is a Moz Pro platform offers a help hub that provides 24/7 support via email, but it does not have a live chat. It contrasts poorly with SEMrush as well as Ahrefs.

Moz Pro Review : Pros & Cons


  • Moz is a reputable expert… It’s also where I began on my SEO journey, along with several other marketing professionals. I am a fan of this feature of ranking as well as the backlink reporting feature.
  • Very simple to use A small learning curve Moz support is among the top in the business and the Moz Local application is top of the line . Offers a wealth of information about local listings. Useful and useful
  • Campaigns allow us to track multiple campaigns at the time . It will be able to see how we can enhance each page of the site. See how keywords are ranked.


  • It’s Google only but that’s not the end of the story when you consider, well… Google! If their competitors are able to access more information, I’m going to take it as a result.
  • The user will be required to visit the source for modifications to any local listing.

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