Social Catfish Reviews : Is Social Catfish Legit? Is it Safe and Does It Work?

Social Catfish Reviews : The practice of catfishing is something that is commonplace online. You might initiate a conversation with an person, only to realize that they’re actually someone else. People engage in this behavior for pleasure in the majority of cases however, they could have ulterior motives.

To address the issue, Social Catfish has developed an application that allows you to determine the identity of virtually every person online. The program can aid you in finding people’s names, phone numbers, addresses and emails. It is also an effective marketing tool.

About Social Catfish

Social Catfish Reviews

Social Catfish is an online dating service that is with its headquarters in California, USA. The business is located at 39252, Winchester Rd, STE 107 #228 Murrieta, CA 92563. Social Catfish was allegedly founded in 2013 by co-founders David M. and Moe M. They claim to collaborate with the media in finding out about romance catfish scams without cost. They do this by checking details to verify the authenticity of profiles of the people they see in dating apps on the internet.

Social Catfish further adds that they conduct thorough checks using their online tools that check things like photos and profile pictures, phone numbers, emails job listings and much more. This ensures that users have accurate details about the person they’ve encountered on the internet.

What is the socialcatfish’s role? is a website which helps you find your ideal partner. It’s not the best site to meet romance on the fly but it could assist you in finding those with whom you share similar objectives and interests. It has distinct features, but more important, it employs an algorithm that can help you create matches and present you with those who fit your lifestyle and personality.

You must try for yourself to determine whether it is a good fit for you. Remember that there’s no anything like Love on first glance. If you don’t feel that you’re getting what you want when you’ve been having used for a few days you can go off and check out a different dating site!

What’s the point for Social Catfish? is a reputable dating website that assists people meet love. The site has an app for mobile devices that lets users to look through profiles and engage with potential partners without needing to sign in to the site.

Many people are attracted in the site However, they are concerned about the authenticity of the website. Many people believe it’s a scam since they haven’t received any responses or matches from anyone who’s on their profile. Some worry that they will be wasting their time on when no one contacts them within three days. They aren’t since there are many legitimate members of that have been active for a long time and have found romance on the site.

Social Catfish: Preventing Money Loss and Embarrassment

Romance frauds are prevalent and a source of concern, however the exact magnitude of their effects isn’t fully understood. AARP recently announced that 17 percent to 20 percent of people have reported online scams which could be due to the fact that some provided a small amount of money or did not want their family members to be aware.

“A majority of people browse online, but they don’t be on the lookout for this type of issue. They may be too trusting and are able to lose a significant amount of dollars,” David said.

This is the reason Social Catfish plays an essential function in online security and plans to extend its capabilities. The latest offering is its Privacy Guard feature that functions in a similar way to credit score to protect private information.

“You place all your data there, and you monitor your data online. Who owns it? What is it? The ability to monitor credit is available to everyone and we’ll assist them to monitor their identities on the internet, too.” David said. David.

David and Social Catfish and the Social Catfish team are passionate in preventing scams involving romance. Alongside the toolkits for his platform, David is also keen to make businesses, particularly dating apps accountable in safeguarding their users from fraudulent activities.

“Businesses are required to educate their customers and utilize technology as well as other tools to safeguard their members.

Social Catfish Top features

Name Lookup feature

Most people utilize Social Catfish for Tinder lookup. It searches social networks, government and education data, news stories public databases, as well as professional records to give you best results.

All you need to do is type in the name of the individual and the his/her country of origin to begin the process. Once you have completed the search process, Social Catfish will retrieve the list of profiles on the internet which each has a different list of information. It is possible to check the profile’s city and countryof residence, gender potential associates, possible usernames on the web, as well as account IDs.

Phone Lookup feature

The phone lookup process is simpler than a name search, since it directly takes you onto the more advanced display. Since there is only one person using the exact phone telephone number, you do not have to narrow your search in order to find the correct individual.

This feature will pull all information available about the user. You can then check their social media accounts, their connections, addresses, usernames as well as any other data available that Social Catfish managed to acquire by scraping through billions of results on the internet.

Reverse Image Lookup feature

Image search is particularly important for people who use dating websites. If someone uploads an image on a website and you’re able to save it you will be able to quickly verify if it is indeed the same person. But, it could also be used in various other scenarios.

To use Social Catfish reverse image search it is necessary to send your JPG or PNG image file and the software will then return the results. The tool compares your image with the images already on the internet to determine the exact match. In this way, it will link it to a specific individual.

Social Catfish Reviews

Email Lookup feature

This particular feature is useful if you’re trying to safeguard yourself from fraudsters. Every once in some time we get emails from unsuspecting characters. Unfortunately, some individuals are easily enticed by these scams.

Address Lookup feature

As per Social Catfish reviews, this is among the top tools available on the platform. It’s a bit different from other tools that are on the list, since it’s focused on property details but not necessarily personal information.

It is possible to use the address search tool to discover more about the homeowners, property deeds and specifications, as well as gather valuable financial data. It’s also a great way to investigate properties before making a purchase.

Social Catfish Plans & Pricing

Here’s some details regarding Social Catfish cost and plans:

Unlimited Social Search Unlimited Social Search $5.73 in five consecutive days or an $27.48 monthly cost afterward

Unlimited Image Search Unlimited Image Search $5.99 per day for 5 days, and an $26.99 monthly charge following that

In-Depth Search -A single report costs $297

Unlimited Social Search is the base plan, however, you will not be able to utilize the image search feature with this plan. However, it will aid you in doing background searches.

Unlimited Images Search is only helpful only if you are able to access the person’s photos. The plan does not permit you to search for the person’s username, email, name as well as phone search. You can also remove Social Catfish if, at any point, you no longer have the need for it anymore.

Social Catfish is a platform that serves a variety of purposes. It is used by the majority of users to use it to create identities that match on dating websites. Nowadays, it’s normal for people to appear as if they’re someone else, and have a different gender and age, or perhaps the country of their birth.

The tools available will help you verify that the person who appears on the opposite end of your screen the person they claim to be.

Is secure to use?

One of best methods to be sure you’re using the correct site is to conduct some investigation. has many reviews, however some claim it’s too complicated, while some say it’s simply spam.

There are a lot of complaints regarding the lack of communication on If you’re looking for a partner who can communicate with you, this may not be the right site for you.

Social Catfish Reviews

Furthermore, many consider that isn’t worth the cost and if you are looking for an experience that is different in comparison to other websites then this isn’t the right choice for you due to its subscription fee.

In the end, there are plenty of reasons for people to stay clear of for dating website or app, however there are many more reasons to recommend it to someone searching for the perfect partner online.

Social Catfish Reviews: Pros & Cons


  • Useful for a variety of questions
  • Gives accurate and quick results.
  • Prices are based on the equipment
  • Recognizes scam and suspicious email addresses
  • Specialists are available to hire
  • Easy to use


  • Results are similar to Google search results.
  • A muddled refund policy

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