Star Health Insurance Review 2022 : Policy’s Features & Benefits

Star Health Insurance Review : Star Health was founded in 2006 and Star Health is India’s first independent health insurance company. It offers products that meet the needs of families, individuals as well as senior citizens as well as those suffering from chronic ailments. It has an in-house claims settlement team as well as a huge network of hospitals that are cashless.

What is Star Health Insurance?

Star Health Gain Insurance Policy is a full healthcare insurance as well as tax saving policy that pays for medical expenses that are incurred by an individual due to any kind of injury or illness. The policy comes with a variety of benefits including tax-free benefits with no exit age, medical expenses for outpatients and in-patients

  1. The company boasts a massive network of over 11,000 hospitals with cashless treatment within India with 640 branches and offices
  2. The Young Star Insurance Policy by Star Health Insurance was awarded the title of ‘Most Innovative New Product of the year’ at ASSOCHAM’s Insurance E Summit and Awards 2020
  3. With its exclusive software “Talk to Star App”, Star Health has introduced the highest-quality telemedicine system accessible to all
  4. Internal claim resolution unit
  5. The Claim Settlement Ratio of the business during the fiscal year 2018-19 was 90%.
  6. Grievances that are resolved is 98.72 percent
  7. The Gross written premium was INR 6,865 crores in the fiscal year 2019-20. The net worth at the time of the 31 of March in 2020 is INR 1889 crores
  8. The number of employees is more than 12,800

The Policy’s Features –

  • The term of the policy is 1 year
  • Sum Insured – Rs . 1 up to 5 lacs.
  • There is no exit age for the policy
  • The policy is able to be renewed the duration of your life.
  • In-patient and Outpatient Coverage
  • Flexible-Premium Option
  • The policy’s basis is an individual policy as well as an floater.
  • All daycare activities are covered by this policy.
  • Tax benefit when the premium is paid in any manner other than cash, as per Section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Benefits from Star Health Insurance policy

Star Health Insurance Review

Hospitalization expenses for inpatients

  • Room board, nursing expenses, and room up to one percent of the total amount that is insured daily are payable.
  • Fees for Anaesthetists, Surgeons Consultants, Medical Practitioners as well as Specialists will be also paid.
  • Emergency ambulance charges of up to Rs.750 per hospitalization, and an overall limit of Rs.1500or more per policy period for the transportation of the insured through private ambulance service is covered.
  • Medical expenses for pre-hospitalization that are incurred during an amount not exceeding 30 days from the day of the hospitalization any injury or illness will be reimbursed.
  • Out-Patient Hospitalization : Out-Patient Hospitalization will cover the cost of treatment provided by an outpatient at any networked Facility within India. The amount not used under this benefit is able to be carried over into the next year’s policy upon renewal. The maximum duration of this carryover is limited to one year immediately following only.

Health Insurance Plans from Star Health:

Star Health Insurance Company has an extensive range of health insurance plans that are as follows:

  1. Star Family Health Optima Health Insurance Plan
  2. Star Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Plan
  3. Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan
  4. Star Medi-Classic Health Insurance Plan
  5. Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy-Platinum
  6. Star Health Gain Insurance Plan
  7. Star Super Surplus Health Insurance Plan
  8. Star Diabetes Safe Health Insurance Plan
  9. Star Cardiac Care Health Insurance Plan
  10. Star Net Plus Health Insurance Plan
  11. Star Care Micro Health Insurance Plan
  12. Star Criticare Plus Health Insurance Plan
  13. Star Family Delite Health Insurance Plan
  14. Star Cancer Care Gold Health Insurance Plan
  15. Star Special Care Health Insurance Plan
  16. Star Hospital Cash Health Insurance Policy
  17. Star Micro Rural and Farmers Care
  18. Star Outpatient Care Insurance Policy
  19. Young Star Insurance Policy
  20. Star Health Arogya Sanjeevani Policy
  21. Star Novel Coronavirus Insurance Policy
  22. Star Health Corona Rakshak Policy
  23. Star Health Corona Kavach Policy

How do I purchase Star Health Insurance policies?

It is possible to purchase Star Health Insurance plans online or offline. Offline plans are offered through the insurance advisors directly or through the company. All you have to do is go to the branch and buy the plan after speaking with the insurance representatives or sales managers of the company.

However, there’s an online method of purchasing Star Health Insurance plans as well, and it is available via the company’s website. The company permits you to purchase its policies online in a an easy way.

The most efficient way to go is to purchase the top health or motor insurance policy from offers an on-line platform on which you can find a vast selection of health and motor insurance plans to pick from. You can evaluate and select the best plan based on your needs for coverage and budget. The procedure for purchasing Star Health Health Insurance or Star Health Motor Insurance policies on the internet through will be as follows:

  • visit :
  • You can pick health, bicycle or car, based on your needs.
  • To purchase a health insurance plan, you will need to
    • Input your personal details, which include the following
      • Gender
      • Age
      • Age of the member you would like to cover
      • If you have any existing ailments to disclose
      • The annual income of the family to be suggested as a suitable amount of insurance
      • Area PIN Code, so that you can look up the hospitals that are part of the network.
    • Once you’ve entered the information and you are presented with a list top health insurance plans that are available on the market
    • You can look at the plans and compare them and pick the most suitable health insurance plan
    • After you’ve selected the plan, you’ll need to fill out on an application online
    • The premiums will also need to be paid on the internet.
    • After the premiums have been paid and the application filled out, you’ll be able to purchase the plan quickly
  • In order to purchase an insurance for your car or bike plan, you must
    • Enter the vehicle’s number, or continue with no mention of the car number.
    • The data you will need to input are:
      • Model and make
      • Manufacturing Year
      • Fuel Type
      • Variant
      • Expiry Date
      • The type of policy that was previously in place
      • Any claims were made in the prior year
      • NCB on its previous policy
      • The previous policy insure
      • Your contact details
    • After you have entered the information and you are presented with a list top motor insurance plans on the market
    • You can evaluate and choose the best bike or car insurance plan.
    • After you’ve selected the plan, you’ll need to fill out the online form for application
    • The premiums will also need to be online to be paid
    • After the premiums have been paid and the application filled out, you’ll be able to purchase the plan with ease

Is there a waiting time included in your policy?

Yes, there are three kinds of waiting periods within the policies. Let’s take a look

  • The standard waiting time is thirty days (not applicable to accidents)*
  • For specific illnesses/ diseasesor treatments the waiting period is 24 months.
  • For any kind of already-existing illness the waiting period is 48 months.

Star Health Insurance Review

What’s not included in this policy?

  • Circumcision, Preputioplasty, Frenuloplasty, etc…
  • Congenital External Condition/Defects or Anomalies
  • Intentional Self Injury
  • Mental and psychiatric problems.
  • Intoxicants such as alcohol, drugs, or substances smoking, tobacco chewing.
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Injuries or diseases directly or indirectly triggered by resultant from war or invasion

Star Health Insurance Review: Conclusion

As of now, you are all aware of every aspect regarding the rules. If you are unsure about the policy, you can contact us via the comment section. In the meantime, Happy Learning.

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