UpdraftPlus Review 2022 : Is it the most effective WordPress Backup plugin?

UpdraftPlus Review : UpdraftPlus is the most awaited WordPress backup plugin available on the market. It lets you automate backups and securely keep them in remote locations like Google Drive, Dropbox, S3, Rackspace, FTP email, and many other.

It makes it simple to restore your site from backups. The base plugin is completely free, but they also offer a paid package that includes additional features and priority assistance.

This is a fantastic backend plugin that is a necessity for every WordPress blog or website since backups are a vital tool.

Do You Do You Need a WordPress Backup plugin?

If you’re an WordPress user, it’s essential that you back up your WordPress databases and files frequently to a secure place. If you lose data as a result of an accident an attack that is malicious, or any other disaster, regularly backing up your data could prove to be a lifesaver. In this way, you’ll be able to quickly restore your data and databases even if your website is compromised, hacked or deleted.

A reliable WordPress backup plugin will allow users to effortlessly backup and restore your entire WordPress website. It should also permit you to transfer your copies of your backup to a safe remote location to ensure greater security.

What is it that is it that makes UpdraftPlus different?

There’s a catch – when you take an WordPress backup one thing we often forget is the process of restoration. It’s quite simple to set up, install, and then take backups of your WordPress site using any backup software. Have you ever tried to restore the backup? you tried trying to recover the backup?

After further research We find that the majority of all free backup programs block the ability to restore backups in a paid subscription. It’s not a problem I fully support their choice. The plugin must generate income to fund its ongoing development!

But, thanks to UpdraftPlus the game has been changed. As of the writing time of this article, UpdraftPlus is the only freemium WordPress backup plugin on the market that permits restoration and backup with the free plan as well as a few other amazing features.

UpdraftPlus Review

UpdraftPlus Support

The detailed documentation provided by UpdraftPlus can guide you through each step of this plugin. UpdraftPlus plugin.

Support is offered through forums for support. The UpdraftPlus team manages two forums one of which is A WordPress Forum for customers of the plugin for free and a support forum for customers for premium customers. If you’re not currently a paying customer, you can buy an assistance package to receive help.

If, however, you purchase the support package to address an issue that is later discovered to be linked to the bug, you’ll be eligible for the full amount back.

How to configure a WordPress Backup using UpdraftPlus

Making the WordPress backup using UpdraftPlus is a fairly simple procedure. However, in order to make the process easier to manage, it’s best never create a backup for the brand new or unmodified WordPress site.

Instead, we’ll install a multi-purpose template and add its demo content. By doing this we’ll generate a plethora of new pages, posts as well as comments, images, as well as additional plugins which are element of the backup. This will help bring it closer to the real-world scenario of the WordPress backup.

In this tutorial we’ll install Total WordPress theme and import the demo blog layout from the Mason blog layout demonstration.

Here’s an overview of what we’re planning to accomplish:

  • Create a demo website Create a brand new WordPress installation for our test site . Then, we’ll upload the demo content of The Total Multipurpose WordPress theme.
  • Backup the demo website Install UpdraftPlus, the UpdraftPlus Backup plugin, which is available in the WordPress repository and configure it to store WordPress backups in cloud storage solutions like Dropbox.
  • Restore the demo website The demo site will be formatted. WordPress site and then restore the WordPress website by using an UpdraftPlus backup.
  • We’ll also take a look at Premium version as well as certain extensions.
  • Bonus: We’ll also be learning about UpdraftCentral Cloud-based WordPress management dashboard developed by Updraft. Updraft team.

UpdraftPlus Free Compares to Premium

The UpdraftPlus backup plugin comes with an upgraded version that includes a plethora of features that are more advanced, such as:

  • Cloning UpdraftPlus Cloning allows you to make a mirror of your website on UpdraftPlus servers in just a few minutes. This can be helpful to test your site quickly, for demos and for debugging purposes.
  • Migration The feature of Migration (popularly known under the name UpdraftMigrator) lets you swiftly and effectively move your WordPress website to a new host or domain. It’s basically an advanced method of restoration whereby the site’s URLs are changed to match the new host’s name. It is useful for transferring testing sites from staging environments to production environments
  • Automatically backup your website before every theme, plugin, or the core WordPress update starts.
  • Importer Add-on: Ability restore backups created with other widely used WordPress Backup plugins.
  • Backup of non-WordPress data and database files. encryption of databases.
  • Support for WP-CLI as well as WordPress Multisite.
  • The password protected area of the plugin is to block any user from accessing complete backups of the site.

UpdraftPlus Pricing

UpdraftPlus Review

UpdraftPlus is ideal for websites of any size, regardless of budget.

A version with a lite version is available for download at no cost from the WordPress repository. The lite version will suffice to allow you to create or schedule the complete backup of your website. You can also restore your site in the event you lose your information. The lite version allows users to create remotely backups of your site to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, UpdraftVault, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, DreamObjects, Openstack Swift, and email.

The price of the Premium version ranges at $70 for a 2 site license. With the premium version you’ll have access to all add-ons, assistance and upgrades for one year, as well as free 1GB storage space for your UpdraftVault subscription.

There are four different payment plans available for UpdraftPlus.

  • Personal 2 licences at $70.
  • Business Ten licenses at $95.
  • Agency 35 licenses for $145.
  • Enterprise Unlimited Licenses for $245.

If you want to use only one addon, and without having to join any premium service or subscription, you can buy the add-ons you require in one go.

UpdraftPlus Review : Conclusion

Backups of your WordPress website is among the most essential things every website owner should take care of. Yet, it’s one of the most neglected aspects for those who are new to WordPress. As you would start creating your email list on the day one, you must create an automated backup for your WordPress website.

UpdraftPlus is one of the most well-known and free WordPress backup plugins available on the marketplace today, having more than one million installations currently active. With the rising popularity and popularity by this plugin Updraft plugin family The team is committed in making it easier to manage WordPress administration of sites using central cloud-based dashboard.

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