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WooCommerce Review

WooCommerce Review :  is among the most well-known eCommerce platforms around the world. It’s a plug-in for WordPress which can turn your site into a efficient online store. It’s no wonder that Automattic the company that developed WordPress and this plugin, added this popular plugin to their portfolio in May of 2015.

The product is so successful that it has an enormous share of the market. However, in contrast to Shopify, Bigcommerce, and other rivals, WooCommerce is an open-source solution. What exactly is this all about? Let us provide an overview of the situation:

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce was initially an idea by two software developers Mike Jolley and James Koster who were hired by WooThemes. They were working to replicate the existing eCommerce plugin named Jigoshop.

In September of 2011 it was the first version of WooCommerce. in 2015 WooThemes as well as WooCommerce were bought by Automattic the owner of WordPress and the primary developer of WordPress. WordPress software.

Both WordPress as well as the WooCommerce plugin are both free for personal and commercial use. Therefore, you can install and use them from the moment you install them. It doesn’t include domains hosting, hosting, email themes, support, etc. So, you’ll have take into consideration additional costs. However, many the features mentioned above are offered free of charge with proprietary solutions such as Shopify.

One feature that’s available it is WooCommerce Payments. WooCommerce’s very own payment processing system. Customers can make purchases directly on your website without having to go through another payment processing company. Transactions can also be managed directly from within WooCommerce.

There aren’t any setup or monthly charges to be paid – it’s just the processing fee per transaction that differ from country to country and the method of payment. In the moment, WooCommerce Payments is available in only a few countries including North America, Europe, and Australia/NewZealand, but the list is always growing.

Why should you use WooCommerce?

As as a WordPress plugin WooCommerce integrates the eCommerce features of your WordPress website, making it an eCommerce store. Due to its open-source nature of WooCommerce, you can create endless options for customization of the appearance or function of your online store.

For sellers that sell across multiple channels, WooCommerce also allows the integration of the world’s most popular marketplaces through API, such as WooCommerce Etsy integration, or WooCommerce eBay integration… to facilitate managing.

WooCommerce Review

One of the primary reasons customers prefer WooCommerce is the fact that you can have much more control over how you spend and when than on other platforms hosted, such as WooCommerce against Shopify as well as BigCommerce in comparison to WooCommerce.

Finding a good host for WooCommerce

A good hosting service will help you avoid a lot of hassle. The best place to start is Bluehost. They’ve been on business since the year 1996, and manage more than 2 million websites around the world (incl. online stores). Certain of their deals focus on a variety of already-installed “WordPress + WooCommerce” bundles.

It can be very useful for those who don’t have the expertise to setup the server for a test install. Bluehost also offers an instructional video series for those who are new to the technology. It will certainly help you to get started. If you encounter any issues or issues, you can reach the support team at Bluehost as well. Learn more about our Bluehost review.

Make use of the most professional WooCommerce theme

What we’ve noticed time and time again is that beginners have a hard time when it comes to WordPress themes. Remember that it must work with WooCommerce. If it isn’t, save your time and search for another. The quality of your documentation and assistance can ruin your store’s online dreams.

The free themes are great for those who are an experienced developer however, if you are a beginner you’ll encounter issues What do you do? Bluehost support isn’t able to help you because they didn’t design the theme. One of the best sources to purchase WooCommerce theme themes can be found at Themeforest. Their themes are compatible with the most current version of WooCommerce and are crucial for security, and comes with premium support.

What is the security aspect of WooCommerce?

Another reason to select an premium theme. They regularly update the template files to ensure security standards. There’s much more to think about. It’s likely that you’ll need additional plugins to bring additional features to your online store. This could be for SEO or an easy contact form. Be sure to select reputable plugins that have a high rating and are used by a lot of customers in WordPress. WordPress repository.

Which web hosting service do you prefer?

Selecting a hosting plan isn’t difficult. It is easy to go through the top three recommendations from WordPress as well as WooCommerce: Bluehost, DreamHost and SiteGround.

Whatever you decide to choose for the hosting service, be sure you take into account these elements:

Servers with sites The less sites you have that are on servers, the more speedy it will be.

Uptimeis the amount of time your site and its hosting server are able for operation. It should be as good as is possible.

  • Security: Be on the lookout for options such as automatic backup and manual reboot as well as spam checker as well as malware avoidance.
  • Customer Service: The support team of your provider should be readily available to respond when your website encounters issues.
  • Scalability: You must be able upgrade the hosting plan as your business grows.

WooCommerce Review

WooCommerce Payments Review

WooCommerce is a major player when it comes to payment gateways. The platform offers its own payment system exclusively specifically for WooCommerce stores. The payment plugin is completely free to downloadand comes with no monthly or setup fees. Customers can safely pay with debit or credit cards. It is possible to increase conversions by giving them the ability to pay directly without leaving your shop.

If you’re in need of more impressive features You can also locate over 100 more payment processors that are available as extensions.

WooCommerce Review : Pros

Advanced features for bigger online stores

Not only do you have access to an extensive WooCommerce community and you can also benefit from a plethora of extensions and plugins to enhance your store’s functionality and make it more efficient.

Store administrator and customer accounts

Accounts for admin and customers with different rights isn’t a issue in the least. Customers can also perform an online guest checkout without having to have an account.

WooCommerce Review


There are a lot of both paid and free WooCommerce themes to choose from. Modifying them will depend on the theme’s settings and on your capabilities however, you are able to modify anything as needed.

WooCommerce Review : Cons

Easy to use

While you may be able to begin with an installed version however, the process of setting it up can be a nightmare for new users.

The lack of support

In contrast to Shopify however, you don’t get support from a central point. Every theme, plugin , and hosting comes with different support channels. It sounds wonderful, but in the end, it could cause grave issues.


Stan Lee, the author of the first Spiderman Stan Lee, the creator of the first Spiderman “With great power there must also come great responsibility!” This is precisely the situation with WooCommerce. It’s powerful, however at the same time , it could give you a difficult time. There are many options to do with WooCommerce However, it can seem overwhelming to beginners. Although WordPress and WooCommerce are already installed with Bluehost however, the technical expertise that is required is fairly advanced (and this isn’t even speaking about programming).

It’s good news that WooCommerce has detailed and clear video tutorials that can aid you in the process of setting up your store. If you encounter issues, even if are already a Bluehost customer the only solution you have is a forum for community members. forum. The quality can vary significantly. In our testing, it took us for more than 48 hours to receive a response.

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