World of Warships Review : Your Ultimate Guide to What’s New in the Game 2022

World of Warships Review : World of Warships is a massively popular online game that combines the thrill of combat with the elegance of naval vessels. In the World of Warships universe, players take control of cutting-edge war ships from the pre-dreadnought era to present day and beyond. The game is currently in its sixth season, which began with new content and features on October 9, 2018. It’s bigger, better, and more explosive than ever before. If you’ve played previous versions of World of Warships, you know what to expect: fast-paced strategy combined with exciting action and a rich historical setting. Let’s get you caught up on all the new changes so you can hit the high seas again as soon as possible!

What’s New in World of Warships ?

First, a quick history lesson. In the last year, World of Warships has celebrated its fifth anniversary, paid homage to the Royal Navy, commemorated the Battle of the Coral Sea, and added some brand new warships to the mix. The game has also made some changes to its core gameplay mechanics. Let’s break them down one by one.
– New Damage Types – As part of an ongoing effort to improve the game’s realism, Wargaming has introduced new damage types. Hull damage now comes in three varieties: light, heavy, and catastrophic. The types of damage correspond with the three stages of flooding. If you’re hull has received light damage, you’ll have about five minutes to repair it before your ship becomes critically damaged.
If you don’t take care of heavy damage in time, your ship will sink. – Repair Mechanics – Repairing your ship’s hull is now more complex than clicking a button. In addition to spending ironblood, the in-game currency, you’ll also have to send repair crews to the damaged area. And even if you have the currency to repair a critical hit, you might lose crew members while trying to save the ship.
– New Damage Control Mechanic – In addition to hull damage, the game also tracks fire and flooding damage. To lower these numbers, you’ll have to deploy damage control parties. Damage control parties are smaller than repair crews and can only be sent to one location at a time. It is important to note that a DC party can only be sent to a location that has been damaged and will not repair the damage.

World Of Warships Review 2022
  World Of Warships Review 2022

– Critical Hits – Critical hits are now more common and deadly than ever. They’re a guaranteed hit on the critical damage areas of a ship. Expect to see a lot more flooding and broken hulls in the coming seasons. – New Firefighting Mechanic – Firefighting is another new mechanic that allows you to extinguish fires. While this may seem like a simple addition, it actually adds a lot of strategy.
Firefighting requires a nearby source of water, like a nearby lake. The system also features a skill-based mechanic. The more you fight fires, the better you become at it. – New Damage Log – The damage log has been revamped to make it easier to understand and more informative. Now, you’ll be able to tell the difference between fire damage and flooding damage.
You’ll also be able to see the critical hit that caused the damage. – New Ship Types – Wargaming has added three brand new types of warships to the game. The first is the German Pan-Asian destroyer, the Hatsuharu. The second is the American destroyer, the Benson. The last is the Soviet destroyer, the Leningrad.

The Centenary of the Royal Navy : World of Warships

World of Warship In October 2018, Wargaming celebrated the Royal Navy by transforming the game’s naval base with new decorations, special event challenges, and a special Royal Navy collection. They also introduced the HMS Hood, a British battleship renowned for her service in both world wars. The Hood is a Tier VIII battleship that can be obtained via a permanent in-game mission. The Royal Navy collection also features the HMS Warspite, a Tier IX battleship that was first released in September, as well as the HMS Hood, a Tier IX battlecruiser. The collection can be found in the in-game store for a limited time only.

World of Warships Review

World of Warships Review HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse : A TributeIn November 2018, Wargaming commemorated the 75th anniversary of the sinking of HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse with a special in-game event. Throughout the month, the game’s naval base featured a special decoration and a new collection featuring these two ships. The collection also includes HMS Hood, a Tier IX battleship. And on November 16, Wargaming hosted a special livestream, marking the anniversary of this historic event in naval warfare.

World of Warships Review Japanese Ship Overhaul : The Mogami Class

The Japanese have always been prolific ship builders, and their ships have proven to be some of the most powerful in the game. As part of an effort to diversify ship styles in the game and even out gameplay, Wargaming has updated the Japanese line of warships. The Mogami-class cruisers, particularly the Mutsu and Aoba, have undergone a major overhaul. The changes are meant to make these cruisers more competitive at their tiers and less clumsy in their manoeuvres. The Mutsu and Aoba are now faster and more agile than they were before and are equipped with improved anti-aircraft armaments so they can fend off the threat of enemy planes. The other Mogami-class cruisers, such as Suzuya and Kumano, have received minor adjustments to improve their performance.

World of Warships Review USN Cruiser Overhaul : The Atlanta Class

The United States Navy has always produced some of the most elegant and technologically advanced warships in the world. The Atlanta-class cruisers, first introduced in the 1930s, are no different. The Atlanta-class has received a major overhaul, receiving new anti-aircraft armaments and gaining an ability to launch smoke screens. The ship’s health has been increased, though it still remains slightly less durable than other Tier VII cruisers.

World of Warships Review

World of Warships Soviet Cruiser Overhaul : The Kiev Class

Like the Atlanta-class, the Kiev-class cruisers have been given a major overhaul, making them more agile and durable. The Kiev-class now boasts better manoeuvrability and speed, making them more competitive at their tiers. The Kiev-class’s anti-aircraft armaments have been improved, allowing them to fend off the threat of enemy planes. The health of the Kiev-class cruisers has also been increased. Overall, the Kiev-class is now a more balanced warship.

Wrapping Up : Conclusion World of Warships Review 2022

World of Warships Review : There are many reasons to get excited about the upcoming seasons of World of Warships. New ships, new mechanics, and new events await you as you captain your way through the turbulent waters of war. Please note that the information in this article is subject to change as new seasons are released. New ships and features are already being teased and will make their way into the game soon. The best way to stay up to date on all things Wargaming is to check out the game’s official website

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